November 16-18, 2023 • Baltimore Convention Center • 2023 updates will be available soon, Older 2022 information is available for reference only.
AT Exposition - Baltimore
Products and services for Towing, Transport, Recovery and Road Service will be on display and for sale at the manufacturer and distributor booths: wreckers, carriers, trailers, chassis, service trucks, as well as products and services that will surprise you! Elevated incident lights, specialty ramps, specialty call provider … Most of the motor clubs and call providers are there! It's a great opportunity to shore up relationships and begin new ones with national dispatchers. There are dispatch, impound, and bookkeeping systems just for towing operations. You'll be able to compare them all on the show floor!

• Looking to streamline lien processing?
There are several companies on the floor who can help you.
• Looking to finally get on board with GPS?
AT Expo has several providers showing their systems on the show floor.
• Looking to purchase a tow truck?
There are several financing companies on the exhibit floor who can approve your credit for purchase on the spot.

Among the exhibits you'll see the world famous Towman Monument, the American Towman Chopper and the world's biggest towing-theme mural: Lifelines, the Towing Industry on Canvas.

The Baltimore Convention Center is packed for the American Towman Exposition.
Exhibit Hours:

Thursday, Nov. 17, 1 pm- 5 pm

Friday, Nov. 18, 11 am - 5 pm
(Grand Opening)

Saturday, Nov. 19, 11 am - 5 pm

Baltimore Convention Center
The Center is conveniently located to the Inner Harbor with lots of shops and eateries. It is close to a scenic walkway and the Baltimore's World Trade Center which has a fantastic 360 degree view of the City. Discover the Center’s outdoor terrace, complete with a working herb garden and green roof canopy made of drought-resistant, native vegetation. The terrace doubles as space for receptions or networking with colleagues. Experience the perfect combination of advanced technologies and professional services, each successfully executed and delivered by the Center’s dedicated team.
Baltimore Harbor
Baltimore is the towman's home away from home: great food, great accomodations, historic attractions, all by the water. The Bull & Pig Roast (Miller Rocks) is at the Hard Rock Cafe by the water. Caltiri's Cuba is a block up at the Power Plant.

American Towman's Welcome Cruise board across from the Sonesta Harbor Court and the Hyatt. Festival Night is at Marriott Waterfront. All the hotels and the Baltimore Convention Center are within two blocks of the harbor.
American Towman Academy • In-Depth Conferences
With over 25 seminars featuring top speakers, it is the industry's largest educational program. Topics reflect the issues and subjects that are important to the towing business owner to help increase one's bottom line. Passport seminars being held Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

$150 Advance Registration ($225 On-site) gets you access to all the seminars you are able to attend, and, complimentary breakfast.

The Business of Towing & Recovery Conference
The Business & Economics of Owning a Rotator
Thinking about getting a rotator? Many tow companies are enjoying the benefits and added business that a rotator brings to their bottom line. Is it the right investment for you? This two-hour seminar tells you everything you need to know.
Bob Fouquette, Big Wheel Towing. Thursday, Nov. 17, 5-7 pm

When Does A Tower Need A CDL?
Join 30 year veteran tower and CDL instructor, Brian Riker, as he explores when a tower requires a commercial drivers license. Although there is a limited emergency exception to some CDL regulations you will be surprised how often a tower actually requires a CDL and what seemingly insignificant differences can trigger the CDL requirements. A must attend for owners and drivers alike, especially in today’s lawsuit happy world.
Brian Riker, American Towman. Thursday, Nov. 17, 10 am

Training for Towing & Recovery of Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFV) (2Hrs)
Attendees will be introduced to the theory of towing and recovery for AFV's. The emphasis will be to train operators already trained for towing and recovery to understand the different sources of fuel and power and how to handle, recover, tow and store AFV's safely. Certificated class.
John Borowski, AutoReturn. Friday, Nov. 18, 8-10 am

The Latest Tech Trends for Managing your Towing or Roadside Business
Learn about what online applications are available for Towing/Roadside Business management: Towing Management Software, Motor Club Digital Dispatching, Private Property Impound, Impound Lien/notification processing, Auctions, Payment Processing, GPS, etc. Learn the value and benefits of a SaaS solution, On prem installations, and everything in-between. Should you choose different vendors or go with a single vendor that offers solutions for all your needs? Should you sign-up for Out-of-Network (OON) jobs? And what roll does technology play in OON?
Todd Althouse, Traxero LLC. Friday, Nov. 18, 8 am

Building a Culture of Success, The Uncomfortable Truths
The values of a successful towing company: Selecting the best new hire for today's growing tow business.
Casey Burrows & Bear Godfrey, WreckMaster. Friday, Nov. 18, 10 am

Strategies for Building Your Future Tow Business
Fact: All successful tow companies and their owners have one thing in-common; they all started from meager beginnings. Tow company success doesn’t happen overnight, yet, there’s a progression of considerations that help navigate a path to success and survival necessary to enduring an extremely competitive and cutthroat industry. Because there’s no single book or source specific to the tow and recovery industry, this seminar is directed at currently active businesses as well as start-up companies.
Randall Resch, American Towman. Friday, Nov. 18, 11 am

Tips and Tricks Of Air Cushion Revenue
Discussion and questions regarding how to make money over a wide range of airbag uses from uprights to underwater.
John Sweezy Jr, Matt Bartlett & Jeff Martin, Matjack Jumbo Safelift. Saturday, Nov. 19, 10 am

Business Operations Conference
Hazards of Electric Vehicle Storage
Discussions will cover situations where vehicles are catching fire spontaneously in tow yards and causing damage and ways that they can be prevented. How safe is that compromised EV car on your storage lot? Has your team done everything they can to lessen your risk? We will discuss solutions for safely transporting and storing compromised Electric Vehicles on your property and what protocols you should have in place.
Howard Kritzer, On The Scene Supply. Thursday, Nov. 17, 8 am

Benefits of Using High Quality DEF
The quality of the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) going into your trucks is as important as the quality of the engine oils or fuels used in them. DEF is susceptible to changes in temperature and must be carefully managed to ensure it maintains its quality. This session will help you better understand what to look for when purchasing and handling DEF in your facility. This includes the importance of using quality DEF, how to preserve the quality of your DEF for maximum shelf life, correct storage, handling processes in the shop and on the road, and more.
Jeffrey Harmening, American Petroleum Institute. Thursday, Nov. 17, 9 am

Risk Management and On-Scene Safety - Co-Teach with Brian Riker
The industry has lost focus on what techniques are advantageous to tow operator safety. For tow business owners, focusing on on-scene safety is far more important than learning how-to operate new wreckers, carriers and rotators. This seminar brings focus to best practices necessary for safety operations on all calls including industrial scenarios, driving operations, choosing the right tool for the job and complete on-scene awareness. Consider this a one-hour survival course for professional tow operators typically not covered in big box training.
Randall Resch, American Towman. Thursday, Nov. 17, 11 am

Putting a Handle on the Real Profit Center of your Business
How to operate and maintain your office and getting the people answering your phones to maximize profitability. Your dispatch is the first thing given to the customer to evaluate their needs.
John Borowski, AutoReturn. Friday, Nov. 18, 11 am

Proper Engine Oil Storage and Handling
With the growing number of engine oil viscosities that can be used in diesel engines, shops need to properly accommodate numerous oils. Proper storage and handling of oil in bulk tanks, drums and bottles is very important. This session will provide a look at API engine oil specifications, tips for managing storage of engine oils in shops, proper dispensing of oils to avoid misapplication of viscosities, how to avoid oil contamination and more.
Jeffrey Harmening, American Petroleum Institute, Nov. 19, 8 am

Maintaining Aging Equipment
This seminar will present some challenges faced with older equipment and solutions to help the tow boss keep their older equipment on the road and in good working order longer. A must attend for those that can’t get, or don’t want, a brand new truck in today’s market.
Brian Riker, American Towman. Saturday, Nov. 19, 10 am

Maintaining a Clean Compliant VSF (Vehicle Storage Facility)
Your facility needs to be in compliance with stormwater and hazardous waste laws. With simple “good housekeeping” practices you can establish a Spill Prevention Containment and Cleanup Plan (SPCC).
Jim Figueira & Ed Grubbs, Environmental Chemical Solutions. Saturday, Nov. 19, 10 am

Safety Conference
The Tower as Incident Commander
A breakdown of the recovery work and road clearance of the Great Texas Pileup, and the role the tower plays with incident command.
James Bennett Jr., Beard's Towing. Thursday, Nov. 17, 9 am

Active Safety and Saving Lives
Safety measures to the High cost of insurance.
Scott Watkins, Mobile Video Computing Solutions & Allen Jay, Mobileye An Intel Company. Thursday, Nov. 17, 10 am

Ensuring Every Tow is Safe
As a tow truck operator, you have a responsibility to ensure every tow you perform is completed safely. Exceeding the towing equipment or cab & chassis ratings, no secondary attachment chains (safety chains), no tow extension lights, improper steering wheel securement and towing damages are still common issues in the light duty towing industry. This seminar will explore these elements of your tow to assist you in ensuring every tow is safe.
Terry Abejuela, American Towman. Friday, Nov. 18, 8 am

Energy Security Agency: Electric Vehicles - Challenges and Solutions for Tow and Recovery professionals
Tow and Recovery professionals are faced with the largest technology change in the last fifty years. Electric Vehicles are taking over the roadways and first and second responders have been largely overlooked with education, training, and support. Come learn from the Global Experts on how to protect your agency, position yourselves as a market leader, and maximize profits.
Bobby Schneider, Energy Security Agency. Friday, Nov. 18, 9 am

Prioritizing Communications for Public Safety Support: FirstNet in the Towing Industry
FirstNet, built by AT&T is revolutionizing the way public safety and our nation’s first responders communicate. At FirstNet, we understand that companies that support our first responders also rely on secure, dependable, and prioritized communications in order to perform their mission critical operations effectively. FirstNet is the only wireless network that can help improve the communications, vehicle safety, and fleet management while meeting the budgetary requirements of today’s Towing industry.
Sarah DeGuzman, Brian Coakley, Ezana Zewdie, Rodger Pulley, “FirstNet, Built with AT&T”. Friday, Nov. 18, 10 am

Advances in Private Property Impounding
Replacing the manual checking of permits with LPR cameras (using the LP as the "sticker") and sharing information on any violations with both property managers and permit holders.
Jim Shellhaas, Ranger SST. Saturday, Nov. 19, 9 am

Safe and Effective Car Carrier Operation
Car carriers have become the equipment of choice for many towing companies to provide damage free service for their customers with late model or high end vehicles. Car carrier operators must be properly trained and follow manufacturers recommended procedures to effectively utilize the equipment safely and effectively without causing damage. This seminar will cover equipment ratings, loading techniques, load distribution, securement techniques, and customer and operator safety.
Terry Abejuela, American Towman. Saturday, Nov. 19, 9 am

Insurance Conference
The DO’S & Dont’s That Affect Your Insurance
Managing Claims, Managing Drivers and Managing Coverages.
Rob Austin, Austin Insurance. Thursday, Nov. 17, 9 am

How to Turn your Insurance Program into Profit Center
This discuss would lay out how a well preforming Captive Insurance Program through it’s cash flow could generate substantial investment income back to the Captive Members.
Todd Welch & Don Blood, Brown & Brown. Thursday, Nov. 17, 9 am

Building Revenue Conference
Accident Remediation, Making money and getting paid for supplying environmental services
Making money and getting paid for supplying environmental services. Learn the issues and responsibilities relating to the required cleanup of the vehicle operating fluids released at a traffic collision. We discuss insurance liability, proper billing techniques, proper disposal and handling. We also address TSA’s, legislation and Billing Support.
Jim Figueira & Ed Grubbs, Environmental Chemical Solutions. Friday, Nov. 18, 9 am

Grow Your Towing Business Online
Learn strategies on how to improve your presence online from the team at OMG Tow Marketing. 
Jared Fischgrund & Chris Blake, OMG Tow Marketing. Friday, Nov. 18, 9 am

The Insider's Guide for Staying On Top of Google Searches
Understand powerful ways to lift your online rank throughout your service area in search, maps, reviews, ads, & social media.
Kevin McMillan, Lift Marketing Group. Friday, Nov. 18, 10 am

Hiring, Recruiting & Understanding the Available Workforce 
Still talking about how to work with Millennials? You’re a generation behind! Gen Z started entering the workforce in 2016. Millennials should no longer be your primary focus. Attend this session with industry expert David Saline, Vice President of Sales & Service at DRIVE, and learn how to reach, attract and work effectively with the new Gen Z workforce. 
David Saline, Drive. Saturday, Nov. 19, 8 am

How Towing Owners Can Protect their Business & Save Thousands in Taxes
Is your financial house in order? Discover the tools towing owners can use to become invincible to lawsuits, save thousands in taxes, and achieve financial peace of mind.
Dale West, American Society for Asset Protection. Saturday, Nov. 19, 8 am

Finding Qualified Drivers & Mechanics in 2022
We all know that hiring new drivers and mechanics is becoming increasingly difficult. During this seminar, Daniel Ostrov and David Ostrov from Whiterail Recruits will detail how to find new employees faster, smarter and better—within weeks, not months!
Daniel Ostrov, Whiterail Recruits. Saturday, Nov. 19, 9 am

Training & Hands-On Education
The nation's top trainers are here in Baltimore to give you a top-tier learning experience in Rotator training provided by WreckMaster, Recovery Billing, ERSCA Quick Clearance, Recovery Business Success.

Urgently's Electric Vehicle Safety Clinics and Allstate Roadside Safety and Information Series will both be held in the Exhibit Hall FREE during show floor hours.

WreckMaster Heavy-Duty Rotator Recovery Training
Industry's Premier Rotator Training with WreckMaster Instructors

FEE REQUIRED $695/person. $795 after Nov 15. Fee also includes Friday & Saturday AT Conference Passport.

Wednesday Nov. 16, 8 am - Noon (4 hrs Classroom) Includes Lunch
Wednesday Nov. 16, 1 pm - 5 pm (4 hrs Hands-on)
Thursday Nov. 17, 8 am - Noon (4 hrs Classroom)
Fee also includes Friday Carte Blanche Passport

• Introduction of Lead Instructor, assistances and students
• Set Course goals and objectives
• Overview of WreckMaster program

• Positioning the truck
• Leveling the truck
• Recommended distances- Utilities Overhead & Underground
• Recommended cribbing
• Safety in General
• Calculating Out-rigger Loads

• Determining the weight
• Shock Loads
• Cause and effect of tipping
• Determining the COG “Center of Gravity”

• Calculating “Load Capacity”
• Calculating “Boom Top Load”

• General overview
• Wire Rope, Synthetic & Chain Bridles
• Calculating Bridle Leg Lengths
• Calculating Bridle Leg Loads
• Selecting the Correct Rigging for the job
• PPE “Personal Proction Equipment”
• Operator Training
• Rigging Training
• Site Supervisor Training

ERSCA Quick Clearance
Advanced Carrier & Wrecker Training (8HR)
Instructor Shane Coleman
$395/person - ($495 after Nov. 15)

Wednesday, Nov. 16, 8 am - Noon (Hands-on, Includes Lunch)
Wednesday, Nov. 16, 1 pm - 5 pm (Classroom)

The use of light-duty carriers and wreckers in highway, quick clearance. Loading damaged vehicles, repositioning to clear lanes, and rigging for recovery, are some of the primary tasks trained in this course. A trained operator can handle a myriad of tasks; but careless use and improper operator techniques can lead to potential injury, fatality and extensive damage to the wrecker or carrier itself.  

This, “reality based training”, invites you to acquire fundamental skills, techniques and considerations necessary to avoid tragedy while working in the best interests of Quick Clear Programs and on-going work-place safety. 

The course brings a solid focus to light-duty wreckers and carrier specific operations to include discussion regarding on-scene safety and survival practices.

The modules of discussion are:
• Roadside and Operator Safety
• Working Off the White Line
• Initiating an Advanced Warning Area
• Can Carriers be used for Quick Clear?
• Minimizing lane closures, time of lane closures and distractions to motorists
• Equipment Placement
• Responding to incidents quickly but safely
• Developing Quick Clearance Best Practices

Recovery Billing Course - 10 Hour Training
Amount $2,500 per person.Must be accepted by Recovery Billing. Includes AT Conference Passport.

Presented by Bob & Eric Fouquette of Recovery Billing Unlimited.

Part I - Friday, Nov. 18, 9 am - 2 pm. (5 Hours classroom)
Part II - Saturday, Nov. 19, 9 am - 2 pm. (5 Hours classroom)
Incl. Carte Blanche Passport both days!

You do the work, you deserve to get paid. We teach you how!

Are you tired of hearing "Sorry, it's not covered!" resulting in you either not getting paid or settling for partial payment? You have employees, equipment, insurance and so many more expenses associated with running a successful towing and recovery business. We get it-- we have 40+ years of experience in the industry! Every time the trucks roll out of the garage YOU NEED TO GET PAID. We teach you the ins and outs of how to invoice properly, get paid on different types of insurances, navigate the legal babble and red tape in order to get you paid from insurance and private payers! Join our alumni network of 1000+ companies that have leveled up their towing business and get paid their worth!

We teach:
-Building the proper business foundation
-Proper way of writing invoices
-Communicating with insurance/private payers
-Keeping the paper trail
-Obtaining payment for proper billing
-How to make accident scene clean up profitable not an expense
-Different avenues to get paid
-How and when to submit claims under collision, property damage liability, home owners insurance, etc!
-Laws that will help you get paid
-Lawyer and insurance executive guest speaker

Recovery Business Success
Presented by: John Borowski, Auto Return, Ron Myers, Pine Tree Towing. A special three-hour course geared towards the business end of recovery. Three crucial steps for recovery business success will be covered: Documenting the Recovery; Billing the Recovery; and Collecting on the Recovery Invoice.

$250/person. $350 after Nov. 15
Thursday, Nov. 17, 9 am - Noon

American Towman Quick Clearance Certification Course
Arm your company and its tow operators with accepted quick clearance methods, on-scene incident management preparation, essential communications with police and fire command. Test follow 3 hours course, require for American Towman Quick Clearance certification card.

$75/person. $150 after Nov. 15
Saturday, Nov. 19, 9 am - Noon

Ron Myers • Pine Tree Towing & Recovery, Association of Professional Towers of Ohio
Ron Myers is an award-winning towing and recovery plus transport specialist, with more than 35 years of experience. He is an active Operations Manager of Pine Tree Towing and Recovery in Cambridge, Ohio. Through many formal training and certification classes, including Wreckmaster 2/3, 4/5, multiple rotator trainings, air cushion recovery techniques and safety, and Traffic Incident Management (TIM) training, including the SHRP2 Train-the-Trainer, he is recognized as a professional tower and as an expert witness in towing related procedures and pricing. He is an active instructor for Quick Clear and TIM principles and procedures. Myers attends several towing conventions across the U.S. annually to gather industry information and stay abreast of new trends, equipment, and safety programs. He was one of only nine towers in the United States that attended the TIM Federal Highway symposium, as well as the International Association of Chiefs of Police convention, in 2016. Myers serves as President and founding member of Quick Clear Professionals of Ohio, as well as a member of the Towing & Recovery Association of America’s TIM Committee. He is also a founding member and current board member for the Association of Professional Towers – Ohio. Myers currently serves on ODOT’s Quick Clear Steering Committee.
John Borowski • AutoReturn
John Borowski is Vice President of Tow Industry Programs for AutoReturn. John has over 50 years experience as a tow business owner, wrecker manufacturer specialist, trainer, writer and presenter. He was awarded the first “Towman of the Year” by American Towman magazine and two Towman Medals for heroism. He was inducted in the Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame in 2001. He is also the Safety Editor for American Towman.

Training for Towing & Recovery of Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFV) (2Hrs)
Attendees will be introduced to the theory of towing and recovery for AFV's. The emphasis will be to train operators already trained for towing and recovery to understand the different sources of fuel and power and how to handle, recover, tow and store AFV's safely. Certificated class.

John Borowski, AutoReturn.
Friday, Nov. 18, 8 am - 10 am

URGENTLY EV Safety Clinics
Everything you need to know about service and towing of Electric Vehicles:
• How to get into tow mode
• Location of tow eye and tow pin
• Battery locations and jump points
• Unlocking

Allstate Safety and Technical Information Series
Allstate Roadside will present informational sessions led by industry experts. During exposition hours, attendees will have the opportunity to expand their industry knowledge and skills by attending presentations on topics including growing your business, becoming a “Next Level Operator,” technical updates from General Motors and Ferrari, and electric vehicle best practices.

Thursday, November 17, 2022
Time Training Description
1:00 pm Next Level Operator Actions Learn roadside techniques from industry experts.
2:00 pm Pro 2 Pro EV Edition Answering key questions about electric vehicles.
(Presented by Paul Stephens)
3:00 pm Medium & Heavy Duty Techniques Safety, equipment, and improvisation.
(Presented by Paul Stephens)
Friday, November 18, 2022
Time Training Description
11:30 am Excelling in Luxury Transports On-scene service techniques for highline cars.
(Presented by Shawn Sowden)
12:30 pm Servicing General Motors Safety, new vehicles, technical guidance and GM program expectations.
(Presented by Paul Stephens)
1:30 pm Electric Vehicles Level 1 EV technical challenges and model specific information.
(Presented by Paul Stephens)
2:30 pm Medium & Heavy Duty Techniques Safety, equipment, and improvisation.
(Presented by Paul Stephens)
3:30 pm Overcoming Towing’s Labor Crisis Finding and keeping great employees in the towing industry.
(Presented by Brian Riker)
Saturday, November 19, 2022
Time Training Description
11:30 am Overcoming Towing’s Labor Crisis Finding and keeping great employees in the towing industry.
(Presented by Brian Riker)
12:30 pm Servicing General Motors Safety, new vehicles, technical guidance and GM program expectations.
(Presented by Paul Stephens)
1:30 pm Electric Vehicles Level 2 EV specific scenarios and new model service details.
(Presented by Paul Stephens)
2:30 pm Excelling in Luxury Transports On-scene service techniques for highline cars.
(Presented by Shawn Sowden)

Festival Night
Featuring the legendary "American Towman Medal Ceremony" honoring towers who stood out for their heroic feats and are recognized for their bravery and courage. The evening will also include the "March of Heroes" for those who were pinned the Order of Towman and Towman Medal winners. Festival Night includes fun entertainment and is the best dinner in town! Enjoy the Marriott Waterfront Hotel's finest cuisine.

The Mike Corbin Band plays several songs interwoven throughout the evening, including Booms in the Sky, Bless the Spirit Riders, and the Road Calls, plus other Towman Ballads and American favorites. Enjoy a dinner event like no other!

Sponsored by American Towman Magazine.

Ceremony of The Order of Towman
Nominees for The Order of Towman are recognized for showing extreme dedication to the towing trade and the community they serve. Nominated by their towns police or fire chief, they have stood out as going above and beyond to provide service under difficult circumstances and have a history within their community of getting the job done safely and in a timely manner.

The Order is sanctioned and presented by American Towman Magazine at a ceremony of passage where they will be receiving the Cross of the Order and participating in the March of Heroes during Festival Night.

Friday, Nov. 18, 6 pm. Baltimore Convention Center, Camden Lobby.

Festival Night: Price: $85

Saturday, Nov. 19, 7 pm, Marriott Waterfront Grand Ballroom.

Tickets required & jacket suggested.
Special Events
AT Expo is an overwhelming networking experience, whether one moseys about the Wrecker Pageant, shares notes with other Academy goers, engages with the exhibitors, joins the WreckMaster training experience, or partakes in Festival Night.

The stars of AT Expo may be all the equipment but the greatest resource may be all the illustrious characters that make up the towing industry. It doesn't get any better than clicking beer bottles at the Bull & Pig Roast at the Hard Rock where Miller Rocks! Or blowing smoke at Calitri's Cuba in Luckies Tavern (Power Plant). AT Expo is the place where one networks among thousands of towers and suppliers and yet the networking dyanamics aren't much different than they were in the Iron Age where it was all one on one.

Calitri's Cuba VIP
The Big Smoke - VIP - $30.00
Includes (2) Premium AT Cigars, (1) Premium Drink.

Friday, Nov. 18, 9 pm. Luckie’s Tavern – Power Plant Live

Bull & Pig Roast Miller Rocks!
Miller Rocks! on Friday Night at the Hard Rock Cafe, sponsored by Miller Industries, has been a tradition at AT Expo for 13 years. There's nothing like it as towing professionals take over the Hard Rock Cafe. It's first-come first-served for the Bull & Pig Roast, but the party keeps on going! Whether you're inside the Hard Rock or out in the Miller pavilion by the water, you'll chill out like never before!
Great food, live music, magic, and more!

Friday, Nov. 18, 7:30 pm. Complimentary tickets available at Information Booth & Registration

Free Event Sponsored by Miller Industries & American Towman

ACE Awards
A great time to network with peers and motor club representatives as they honor the nominees of the American Towman ACE Awards.

Nominated by motor clubs and call providers, ACE Nominees are recognized for being in the top 1% of towing operations for service reliability, professionalism and service excellence. Recipients receive the exclusive 2022 ACE Buckle Award, along with a certificate and press release.

Saturday, Nov. 19. Convention Center, Camden Lobby.

Sponsored by:

Captains of Industry
The jacket-and-tie event, sponsored by American Towman Magazine, will include dinner at the Legendary Captains Long Table.

We invite you to break bread with other leaders of the industry on the eve of the 33nd annual American Towman Exposition.

Keynote address: James Bennet II will discuss the Great Texas Pileup and the tower's role interfacing with incident commanders on the scene.

Friday, Nov. 18, 12 Noon at the Baltimore Convention Center. Price: $55. Friday, Nov. 18, 12 Noon at the Baltimore Convention Center

Welcome Dinner Cruise
Celebration is a big part of AT Expo. It starts Thursday night with AT's Welcome Cruise. Enjoy dinner and then roam on the Spirit of Baltimore as it cruises the Inner Harbor. A great way to kick off the American Towman Experience at AT Expo XXXIII. So join your peers for dinner cruising the Inner Harbor Thursday evening. Get the lay of the land from the water; enjoy Baltimore's beautiful city-scape.

Price: $95. Thursday, Nov. 17, Boarding 6:30 pm, departs at 7 pm - returns 9:30 pm.

Donnie Cruse Recovery Awards Luncheon
Celebrating towing's legendary trainer, Donnie Cruse, this unique conference Friday at noon, dissects and critiques the winning recoveries of the Donnie Cruse Recovery Awardees. All recovery specialists welcome.

Price: $75. Thursday, Nov. 17, 12 Noon at Morton's Steakhouse.

Co-Sponsored by:

American Towman Hospitality
You'll experience American Towman's Hospitality throughout the weekend. For example, Academy Passport holders may enjoy breakfast outside the conference rooms in the Baltimore Convention Center on Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings to include rolls, eggs to order and much more, compliments of American Towman Magazine.

On Friday evening, attendees can dig into the Bull & Pig Roast, sponsored by Miller Industries, at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Saturday Pie will be offered following the ACE Awards and to those attending the American Wrecker Pageant Winners Ceremony.

Towman Hunt Skeet Shoot
Join fellow Skeet Shooters for the Towman Skeet Thursday. Transportation is provided and leaves from the Pratt Street Lobby entrance of the Baltimore Convention Center to bring you to Prince George's County Trap and Skeet Center in Glenn Dale, MD. Equipment, supplies and lunch are included in price.

Price: $125. Thursday, Nov. 17, 9 am.
Transportation departs Baltimore Convention Center at Pratt Street entrance, around 8:15 am.

Saturday Pie
Enjoy the fantastic assortment of pies. Saturday, Nov. 19, 3 pm on the Exhibit Floor.

American Wrecker Pageant
World-Class Wreckers Compete

For the towman, doing battle means doing business with wreckers all decked out. Even medieval warriors would have been intimidated. From specially designed chrome wheels to uniquely cast lever heads and paint jobs evoking different ages, different landscapes, the American Wrecker Pageant inside the Baltimore Convention Center is the world's premier truck pageant. Kick back, enjoy the trucks, and jaw with the men and women who proudly own them as they vie for the Pageant's legendary trophies.

American Wrecker Pageant and Pageant Voting open during Exhibit Hall hours.

Trucks enter into the Convention Center Wednesday, 8 am - 5 pm & Thursday, 8 am - 10 am. All trucks will remain in Convention Center until the completion of the award ceremony on Saturday.

Ceremony will be held Saturday, Nov. 19, 4 pm at the BCC Band Stage.

Best of Show Voting Booth Sponsored by:

Entry fee: $100 ($150 after Nov. 15) for Light-duty (pre-2021), Light-duty (2021-2022), Medium-duty, Vintage (42+ years), Service/Support truck.
$150 ($175 after Nov. 15) for HD Single Axle, HD Tandem, Rotator, Carrier.

One vehicle per class/four per company.
Marriott Waterfront (HQ)
Headquarters Hotel, Festival Night & The Order of Towman: - $209
Luxurious rooms with harborview, fitness center, restaurant/bar. Show your badge & receive 10% off food/meal purchases at Hotel Restaurants, Bar or Coffee Shop on Friday & Saturday Night.

Marriott Inner Harbor
One block from Convention Center, fitness center, restaurant. Towman Specials when you show your badge.

Renaissance Harborplace Hotel
4-Star, rooms with harborview, fitness center, restaurant/bar, connected to mall. 2 blocks from Convention Center. Show your badge & receive 10% off food/meal purchases at Hotel Restaurants, Bar or Coffee Shop Specials on Friday & Saturday Night.

Sheraton Inner Harbor
1 block from Convention Center with a catwalk, indoor pool, fitness center, free WiFi

Days Inn Inner Harbor
Across from Convention Center, bar & grill, fitness center, free WiFi.

Lord Baltimore Hotel
Two blocks to Convention Center. Includes fitness center and free Wi-Fi. Pet friendly.

Royal Sonesta Harbor Court
4-Star Hotel across from Harbor. 2 blocks to Convention Center.

Hyatt Regency
$196 Sgl/Dbl, $221 T, $231 Q
1 block from Harbor & two blocks to Convention Center, fitness ctr, free internet & sauna.

Hilton Baltimore
$229 Sgl/Dbl, $249 T, $269 Q
Connected to Convention Center by convenient catwalk. Includes free WiFi, fitness center, pool, & meeting room availability.

You will be able to reserve hotel accommodations through Visit Baltimore Passkey after you have completed your registration. Reservations will be accepted until October 25, 2022. After this cut-off date, you may contact the hotel directly for reservations and/or changes to existing reservations. Attendees that need to book rooms or have an inquiry prior to the cut-off date regarding a current reservation should call Visit Baltimore Housing at 1-800-282-6632. Please note that American Towman does not authorize hotels or housing agents to call you – so beware of scammers!
Attendee Services
American Towman legion
As an attendee you earn a merit-based membership in the American Towman Legion, no fees or strings attached.

Travel Discounts
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Schedules available soon
For show information please contact: 800-732-3869
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AT Exposition • November 16-18, 2023
Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, MD.
American Towman | | AT Expositions
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